Lakewood Kosher Sushi
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Beef on a Stick

 (3 Sticks of marinated tender beef )
Crispy Chicken Tender

 (5 Strips of crispy fried chicken tenders )
Crispy French Fries

 (crispy coated thin sliced french fries)
Edamame Beans

 (Steamed & seasoned to perfection )
Egg Roll Beef

 (1 Crispy Egg roll filled with beef and cabbage)
Egg Roll Vegetable

 (1 Large Crispy veggie filled Egg roll )
Fried Chicken Wings

 (10pc crispy coated chicken wings )
Fried Dumpling

 (6pc of Pan Seared beef dumplings )
Fried Wontons

 (6pc of crispy beef filled wontons)
Home Made Onion Rings

 (home style batter dipped onion rings )
Steamed Dumpling

 (6pc wok steamed beef dumplings )
Wontons In Garlic Sauce

 (8pc Steamed wontons coated in our house garlic sauce)

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