Lakewood Kosher Sushi
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Avocado Cucumber Roll

 (Avocado & cucumber inside.)
Avocado Roll

 (Avocado roll.)
Avocado Spicy Roll

 (Avocado, Crunch & Spicy Mayo)
Carrot Roll

 (Carrot Inside)
Colorful Roll

 (Avocado, Sweet potato, and Mango)
Cucumber Carrot Roll

 (Cucumber and Carrot inside)
Cucumber Kiwi mango roll

 (Kiwi, Mango and cucumber wrapped in rice)
Cucumber Roll

 (Cucumber inside.)
Garden Delight

 (Portabello Mushroom tempura, Sweet Potato Tempura wrapped with rice and Avocado on top)
Krispy Roll

 (Onion tempura, Sweet potato tempura with crunch)
Mango Crunch

 (Mango & crunch)
Onion Tempura

 (Tempura style onion)
portabello Mushroom Tempura

 (Portabello Mushroom Tempura wrapped in rice)
Sweet Potato Avocado Roll

 (Sweet potato Tempura with avocado wrapped with rice)
Sweet Potato Tempura

 (Tempura Sweet Potato)
Veggie Roll

 (Avocado, cucumber & carrot)

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